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Fear not, all is well and there is a simple solution. Please use this ‘Forgot Password’ link to send a reminder email to the account that is linked to your account.

Invoices are sent out on the 15th for the following month, and payment is due on the 1st. If you have automatic payments set-up, cards on file will be run on the 1st of every month.

  • If you are a new parker you will receive an access card from your parking manager once he/she has approved your account.
  • If you’re an existing parker you will continue to use your current access card.

Simply log in to your Parklync account and click the pencil icon next to your location name. Make sure under ‘I would like to pay…’ that ‘Automatically, on a monthly basis’ is selected, then click on the plus sign labeled ‘Add a Payment Method’ then simply fill out all required information and click ‘Save payment Settings’.

Simply log in to your Parklync account and enter or update your new vehicle and license plate information using either the ‘Edit Vehicle’ pencil icon or by clicking ‘Add a Vehicle’. If you are still having trouble please reach out to your location manager, whose contact information is located under the ‘Help’ tab in the top right of your dashboard.

Once you receive a Parklync invite email from your parking operator, you simply click the ‘Complete Your Parking Invitation’ link and create a password and fill in your profile, vehicle, and payment information. Your username will be the email to which the invite link was sent.

No, Parklync is only the software solution your parking operator uses to manage and bill for monthly parking.