About Us

Many of our prospects struggle to deal with the challenges of keeping track of long-term parking obligations. Those difficulties are caused by the manual and disconnected systems they use. Our automated, connected, and rules-based platform fixes those problems, so our customers enjoy the smooth operation they deserve.

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

Like many in the industry, our team stumbled into the parking profession over the past 30 years and never left.  We are a collection of business veterans with diverse backgrounds – real estate owners, operators, technologists, engineers, and accountants, all with the common thread of parking weaving our stories together.  At our core, we seek to help improve the industry that has been so good to us by delivering modern, flexible solutions to market that simplify one of the most fundamental/foundational aspects of parking: the permit. 

While others have had great success innovating daily & event parking, no other software service provider has truly chosen to focus on the permit element of our business, with the singular intent of tackling it with all its complexities.  We aim to change this imbalance and move permit features & functionality to the same level of success as its “siblings” have experienced the past decade.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Learn. Build. Execute. 

Making the lives of those we serve a little better every day through listening, problem-solving and creating innovative software solutions.


We connect parking to business and, ultimately, to everyday life.


ParkLync is a cloud-based, digital parking management system that offers a flexible self-serve platform to manage your parking needs. ParkLync’s innovative solution meets you where you are – whether a free but busy suburban environment, traditional employee parking structure, or a complex high volume and mixed-use campus. We offer multiple packages allowing you to choose and pay for exactly what you need and nothing else.  

With ParkLync, you can Enjoy a Smooth Operation because You Deserve It.


Core Values We Live by Every Day

Community. Connected. Courageous.

Community – show care & empathy for all parties we serve

Connected – network/engage with our clients, customers, and employees to listen & respond

Courageous – dare to dream big

Our Values

The Proof is in the Actions

Commitment to Outstanding Service

We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing the best service to our clients and their customers. Whether you’re the CEO at the largest commercial real estate firm, the enforcement officer, an employee just trying to park their car before they start their work day, or the office admin, everyone on our team will do everything in their power to make sure you have the best possible experience.

We Care About People

We value our employees, clients, customers, and partners. We invest in people and building quality, long-lasting relationships with people we spend time with every day.

The Details Matter

Whether it’s making sure your books balance down to the penny at the end of the month or having the confidence the software you’re using is safe and secure we take the smallest details very seriously.

    Adaptability is our Secret Sauce

    No two operations are exactly the same so everything we build at Parklync is built with flexibility and versatility in mind. The world around us is changing every day and so are we.

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    We value integrity above all else. As a company, we are guided by the highest standards of ethical business conduct and we treat our employees, clients, customers, and partners with respect and dignity.

      No Job is Beneath Us

      No matter what your job is at Parklync, if you see a problem, help fix it. The phrase “that’s not my job” is not something you hear at Parklync.

      Relentless focus on execution is our Secret Sauce

      • Under promise and over deliver period!
      • Measure twice and cut once


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